Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is an original story conjured by myself, and was edited along the way for this particular assignment that we needed to do for storyboarding class. This was indeed a collaborative projects with my fellow students : Jenna lee, christopher hampson, durelle williams and manuel guardado. They all helped minimize the storyline to a few basic elements.

This story is about a young performer who tries to live day by day through her acrobatic performances. One day, a mysterious boy steals her money, which leads her to her determination in retrieving her hard work earned money back from this thief. Through her journey she encounters a puppeteer who has magical powers to turn children into toys and is forcing this boy toy into stealing from others. The young performer from having her journey come to an end as she got what she came for, but has a change of heart, as oppose to running away from the problem. She is able to trick the puppeteer, sets all the toys free, and the little boy turned back into a boy again, and the puppeteer dies in his demise along with his toys. The street performer and the little boy end up being friends and they both perform together happily.

This project took 3 weeks in development, for a class assignment held by our teacher Dalton Grant Jr at the Academy of Art University.

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